The Liturgical Year

One of my favorite things about being Catholic is how deep the roots of Catholicism really are. The major holidays are actually feast and the year is really oriented around the liturgical calendar. The interesting part is when you talk to people they think it is just a commercial garbage and capitalist systems trying to get them to spend money. A friend said this to me when I asked them about what their plans were for Valentine’s Day. Without the Catholic context these holidays can seem like capitalist schemes and many of them have been transfigured into this in many ways. If you live by the liturgical calendar you don’t feel this way about holidays and feast become a source of happiness and joy. The true meaning of these holidays is not to go get drunk on St. Patrick’s day, or spend exorbitantly on your spouse on Valentine’s Day instead you can spend those holidays more thoughtfully understanding and reflecting on the Saints whose day it is to celebrate.

Many Blessings,


2 thoughts on “The Liturgical Year

  1. This is important. Very few Catholics know of the inestimable treasure that is tradition. It’s a tragedy, we’re losing our identity. I like your blog, keep up the good work!


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