AIP Bison Tacos

WOAH! I don’t typically write anything for my blog post on recipes, but this meal was lovely! This was a huge win, since switching to an AIP/Paleo diet we’ve been adopting over the past two months just shortly after starting this blog. I really slowed down on posting recipes, because I was having a hard time cooking at all! Even though I was making breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day my meals were definitely not inspired. TACOS are a favorite of mine as I am a true Texan, and my husband and I have been dying to have any sort of semblance of normal eating this was so exciting for us. We went specifically to Whole Foods to search for junk foods we could actually eat.

I don’t typically talk about product, and I am not at all paid for doing this btw. This is just a private/personal blog that I keep to document my favorite food recipes and general lifestyle stuff. I’m going to share some favorites, so I don’t forget them when I want to recreate this meal.


Organic Baby Kale
Organic Arguala
Organic Baby Tomatoes
Spices: Chili Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Arrowroot Powder

Terra – Plantains Sea Salt
Credo – Cashew Queso
Lucky Habanero Salsa – Original Hot
Ground Bison – Durham Ranch Bison
Siete – Chickpea Flour
Mikey’s Grain Free Tortillas – Cassava Flour


1. Heat on medium/high heat ground bison in skillet until browned, add in spices until spiced well
2. Heat 2nd pan medium/high heat and heat Mikey’s Grain Free Tortillas – Cassava Flour or Siete – Chickpea Flour tortillas (we preferred Siete it is very similar to a regular flour tortilla, but if chickpeas are not on your diet the Mikey’s were very good!) 15 secs per side don’t overcook these!! The Mikey’s turn hard when overcooked more like a hard shell tortilla, but you may like that!!
3. Mash avocado squeeze in lime/lemon if you have it and mix in some salsa if you like here just a little bit!
4. Cut up baby tomatoes and mix with baby kale and arugula to top the tacos!
5. Make your tacos! and enjoy!!

We served ours with a side of Terra Plantain Chips and Credo – Cashew Queso, Gucamole, and Lucky Habanero Salsa – Original Hot. It was seriously so good! My husband had 5 or 6 tacos!! He never gets seconds, but got thirds!!

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